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Get Involved

AAIF is run entirely by volunteers. There are no highly paid CEO's or expensive head offices to maintain. Every penny donated is used directly to support the objectives of the charity. 


So how can you get involved?

1. Follow @aughtonainsworthinternationalfoundation on Facebook. By liking and commenting on our posts it helps FB to share our content, raising awareness amongst Facebook users.

2. Tell people about Aughton Ainsworth International Foundation. Direct them to this website so they can see how they too can get involved.

3. Host a fundraising event at your church or school such as a coffee morning or cake sale. Not only does this help to raise vital funds, it also helps to raise awareness of the work that AAIF does.

4. Make a one off donation by bank transfer [details below] or via the Paypal donate button above.

5. Make a regular donation. Regular donations help us to budget more effectively.

6. Leave a legacy in your will.

7. If your place of work sponsors a charity, tell them about us.


Bank details for donations:

Account : Aughton Ainsworth International Foundation Blessed Hill

Sort Code : 205541

Account Number : 70902896


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